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A Glimmer of Hope
A win in Miami keeps Colts playoff hopes alive
written by Stephen Conway

The bright lights of Monday Night Football brings out the best in this team. Perhaps the schedule makers can arrange for every game to be played on Monday Night! Keep dreaming. Playing well in front of the national TV audience is all well and good, but the team must strive to play with intensity and execute their best game plan EVERY week.  The Colts have failed to play well against supposed inferior opponents this season. Losses to New England, Chicago, and Green Bay may well cost the Colts an opportunity to take center stage in January. 

To make the playoffs, the Colts must win their remaining two games AND either Miami or the New York Jets must lose their last two games. The Colts can kill two birds with one stone this week with a win against the Fins. A tall task to be sure, but the Colts are capable of playing well and stepping up. The question is which team will show up at Prop Player stadium this Sunday? The one who had been shut out of the first half of the last three road games? Or the team that racked up 9 sacks and 44 points versus Buffalo on Monday night?

Even if the Colts fail to make the playoffs, it would help the team to finish strong, with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. The team  seemed unfocused and sloppy during its 3 game losing streak. The Colts' two remaining opponents are among the toughest in the league. If the Colts are to be defeated, let it be because the other team steps up and makes plays, not because the Colts shoot themselves in the hooves.

NOTE: The matchup section features a new format this week: haiku. That's right, you heard me. Haiku is a  short Japanese poetry form comprised of 17 syllables in three lines (5-7-5). Each section will contain at least one haiku (hopefully more as time allows) analyzing the upcoming game for each aspect of the team. Silly? Yes. Fun? I sure hope so!

Breakdowns of the key matchups on offense, defense, and special teams.

Game Prediction
This game swings on which of the Colt teams decides to play on Sunday. Based on the performance against the Bills and in particular the tenacity of the defense, I think the Colts will play well. Dolphin QB Jay Fielder may well miss the game putting Damon Huard in position to beat the Colts twice in less than a month. The Colt defense simply cannot crumble early and expect to win. Although the Manning led offense has continued to struggle early, I believe that if the Colts can be patient with the running attack it will pay dividends in the fourth quarter. Remember, down to the last 4 minutes of the last Miami game, the Colts were in control and Edgerrin James was running roughshod over the Dolphin defense. If the game is close going into the fourth, look for James to carry the team to victory. The Colts keep their playoff hopes alive for one more week in  a squeaker.

Score: Colts  28  Miami 27


Next Opponent
Miami Dolphins

when: 4:15PM
where: Pro Player Stadium

Team Record
8 - 6

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