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Then seven, then five more. Welcome to the Horseshoe, the home for Colts haiku

Football is a game of simple grace and power, grit and glory unleashed in small explosions. It's poetry in motion. Fast forward, that is. The 'Shoe doesn't need pages of stat-crunching analysis to find the essence of the game. 17 weeks. 17 syllables. That's all we need.  Beat that, ESPN.

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Each year, Jim Conway (father of the 'Shoe) predicts winners for the full slate of NFL games. He'll put the 'Shoe to the test!


Each week, Jim Ogden will play a preview of the next Colts game against the 'Shoe. Let's hope the real Colts fare better!

The  score:   shaky start!


The score: coming soon!

Horseshoe  9/16
Jim Conway  6/16  

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Colts: 21
Titans: 17

Highlights: Harrison 109 yards, 2 TDs! 

Colts Haiku: Colts vs. Titans, Sept. 14

Must win in week two?
There's fourteen more games to go.
Still, win sets right tone.

Center snaps the ball
Hat on hat, Colt line surges
Clash of the Titans.

Toughness unquestioned,
Steve McNair doesn't practice.
They kneed him to win.

Last year, season sweep.
Before that, home playoff loss
Sunday, Colts turn tide.

Vanderjagt, Dawson.
Field goals at fifty paces.
No touchdowns, one win.

See Nick. See Nick pick.
Pick Nick pick. Nick likes picnics
Sunday afternoon.

Colts work out kinks.
Only gods beat the Titans.
Colts new QB: Zeus?

Rocky top rivals
travel north to see their team?
Colt fans keep them home!

Colt defense mindset:
That's my ball! You give it back!
Don't make me break you!

8 haiku submitted by Rodney Bray 

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Titans come to dome,
Some fans really excited.
Titans or Colts fans?

Something good last week
Defense played well last Sunday.
Must pressure McNair!

Eddie George likes dome.
Had a long run in playoff.
Must stop the long run!

Key to winning game?
Score more points than opponent.
No, I don't get paid.

Titans are good team.
Colts must make zero mistakes
and still can lose game.

It's been said before,
Edgerrin is key to game.
Not so Eddie George.

What shall spell their doom?
Colts have been getting better,
Turnovers will rule!

Are you worried now?
Fretting over pending match?
I say haiku you!




I welcome your submissions. They are loads of fun to write. I am using the 5-7-5 form, meaning the haiku should consist of three lines, the first line being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables, and the third five.  Submit haiku here

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