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web design services

Initial Meeting/ Estimate

I am glad to meet anyone online or in person who is interested in having a web site designed. Based on our discussions of your needs and goals, I will give you an estimate of the number of hours I think necessary to complete the job (my rates are hourly). This is, of course at no cost or obligation to you. If we can help each other out, great! I will offer my services in the form of a simple contract for the estimated number of hours. contact me

Graphic Design/Layout

Within one week of the initial meeting, I will produce several draft page layouts and sample graphics. I am well versed in popular image processing applications and am capable of designing original graphics as well as manipulating digital and scanned photographs. Based on the response to these first drafts, I will submit a set of layouts and graphics for final approval.


Once the look of the site has been determined, I will code the pages using HTML and Javascript.


I have experience using the X-cart PHP shopping cart system. It is customizable to virtually any internet business application.

Upload/Domain Registration

When the web site is ready to go live, I will upload the files to the server of the client's choice. If necessary, I will also make the appropriate arrangements for domain name registration or transfer.


I will train the owner of the site on the steps needed to make updates to the site. Under certain circumstances, I am willing to perform the updates myself. 

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