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game resources

Game Stores

Rainy Day Games  every game sold has a detailed review

Funagain Games excellent source for imported games

The Game Preserve hand picked board games, cards, chess

Troll and Toad specializes in Magic: the Gathering Cards: singles, boosters, sets, and more.

Mah Jongg Maven everything Mah Jongg under the sun 


DBA Resource Page by far the best DBA site on the web

Role Playing Games

WebRPG online role playing community

RPG Host role playing games, archives, links, contests, hosting

Role-Play News  role playing news, reviews, interviews

7th Sea swashbuckling rpg set in fantasy Europe of the 16th century

Hero Wars  roleplay in Glorantha, the fantasy world of Greg Stafford

Dungeons and Dragons the classic

Call of Cthulhu  1920's era horror role playing based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft

Game Related Comics    

Knights Of The Dinner Table!  

PvP Online

Dork Tower

Sluggy Freelance

Game Rules and Variants Online

Backgammon Galore! site includes rules, play sites, articles, humor and other links

Bunko Rules rules for an old, frequently requested dice game

Canasta Rules want to learn?

Card Games , The Web Site a comprehensive list of rules for card games of all types

Card Games - Rules of many popular classic games posted by US Playing Cards, a card manufacturer

Cathedral  All about this striking 2-player strategy game 

Christie's House of Spades. From one Spades addict to another

Chinese Chess Club Ziang Qi - web site dedicated to Chinese Chess

Crokinole  All about it 

Dice Games  rules for many  

Domino Plaza a comprehensive listing of domino rules variants, clubs, and history

Erik's RoboRally Page a site full of new boards and rules variants

Euchre: "There IS no other card game!" site devoted to this very Hoosier card game

Game Report Online news and reviews from the gaming world

German & European Games translated to English  

Intellect Chess concise tactics tutorials to help you improve your game

Mah Jongg - Modern Japanese rules  

Mah Jongg - Basic Rules 

Rules of over 400 popular games disseminated with or without copyright permission by D'antiques 

Rook Quasi Official  Site  in-depth look at rules and strategies of this classic gard game 

Renee's Robo Rally Page the highlight of this site are the rules for RoboRugby

Risk Tutorial guide to playing the board game of Risk.

Rune Quest Adventures magazine devoted to this cool fantasy RPG

Shut the Box A mathematician's take on this classic, with rules and tactical analysis.  

Tiddly Winks Association. All you ever wanted to know about Tiddly Winks  

War Games rules by era from NBCi members

Game Clubs 

American Cribbage Congress includes info on rules, tournaments and membership

American Go Association  site includes rules, local chapters, resources, and tournaments

Axis & Allies Journal a site full of strategies and rules variants, plus a combat calculator

Game Report Online news and reviews from the gaming world

Greycat's Lair gaming information for central Indiana 

Hoosier Backgammon Club Indiana backgammon events

Indiana University Roleplaying Club Bloomington's new gathering place for role players   

Internet Chess Kingdom  play chess on-line

Kulkmann's G@mebox reviews and links for board games from around the world

Museum of Games.   A virtual museum of boxed and older board games. Waterloo U.  

Playing Cards Review   Lots of fascinating and unusual decks

Scrabble, the electronic club.   Scrabble links, trivia, and info

Tiddly Winks Association. All you ever wanted to know about Tiddly Winks  

Unofficial Star Fleet Battles Home Page comprehensive guide to starship combat

Wargame.com a thorough and often updated guide to wargaming of all sorts

World Chess Federation international chess organization which directs the chess world.

Game Companies

Agents of Gaming Babylon 5 Wars, Star Fleet Battles Supplements

Chaosium Call of Cthulhu, Nephilim, Mythos Collectible Card Game

Cheapass Games Give Me the Brain, Falling, Kill Doctor Lucky, and many others

Decipher Games  Star Trek & Star Wars Collectible Card games only.

Flying Buffalo Play by Mail, Tunnels & Trolls, Nuclear War, Lost Worlds

Geo-Hex Makers of terrain for miniatures wargames

Guild of Blades Dark Realms RPG, Empires and Overlords, Grunt

Holistic Design Fading Suns Role Playing Game

Imperium Games makers of Mark Miller's Traveller, a science fiction role playing game

Issaries Inc. A company dedicated to Glorantha, a popular fantasy role playing world

Mayfair Games  Empire Builder, Settlers of Catan

Monopoly Official site

Palladium Books Rifts, Robotech

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Deadlands Weird West RPG, Doomtown CCG

Riogrande Games   Fantastic German board game importer

R. Talsorian Games Cyberpunk: 2020, Castle Falkenstein, Champions: New Millenium

Rubik's Online Official site for product info and online puzzles

Scrabble Official Milton Bradley website

Set challenging card matching game

Steve Jackson Games GURPS, In Nomine, DinoHunt, Illuminati, Fnord!

Trivial Pursuit Official site


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