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sub verbis. beneath words.

Just try to imagine a world without words. Impossible, isn't it? They're everywhere. New words spring to life each day. We'd be lost without them. But they're capricious little devils, their meanings multiple and often contradictory. The trick is to know the code, to see the patterns beneath words, to go sub verbis. 

That's what I do. My name is Stephen Conway. I work (and play) with words.


News and updates

Check out The Spiel. It's show about games and the people who love them.

Screenplay synopsis: The Man Who Was Thursday.

Check out Circle City Curling Club. Yes, curling in Indianapolis. 

Check out Circle City Magic, site design by yours truly. CCM offers a wide selection of magic (abracadabra) related books, DVDs and collectibles. Best of all, shipping is free!

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I'm the President of the Indiana Film Society, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting interest in film and filmmakers across the state. We sponsor a Fall/Spring Tuesday night film series and a film festival. Feel free to contact me for more information

Check out jackgregory.com, site design by yours truly. Jack is a very talented freelance illustrator and artist.  His ultimate goal is to work on his own comic series. We're working together on a cool comic project. Stay tuned!

Check out franciebroadie.com. Francie is an immensely talented jewelry designer. She's also my partner in crime. Site design by yours truly.

Check out the Indiana Bead Society, site by yours truly. IBS is a non-profit group dedicated to educating, sharing, and preserving the heritage and art of beadwork.

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