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Stop motion technique


aardman animation

The Clay Animation Home Page

ISMAI Homepage

A comprehensive 2D/3D/stop motion animation/visual effects resource

Stop motion materials

Armaverse Armatures


GM Foam

Small Parts

Burman Industries: Latex, Elastomers, Urethanes, Silicones, and more!

Chromacolour Online Catalogue

Animation Toolworks - Video Lunchbox

Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained!

General Animation


AWN: Welcome to Animation World Network!

UCLA Animation Workshop

Animator's Booklist

NYU Animation Station

AnimeWebs: Anime directory and information

General Filmmaking

The Low Budget Special Effects Discussion Forum  

Georgia's and world's cultural center film, theatre, dance, acting, special effects, film-making, arts

Online Film Sites


MinuteMovies.com Independent Short Films, Movie Trailers and Film Festivals in Streaming Video

Atom Films

Rough Pictures

Super 8 Filmmaking

Martin Baumgarten Super 8 Film

Small movies: intensive cinema unit

Melbourne Super 8 Film Group

Super 8mm Filmmakers Page

Index of Super 8 Film Making Ring

Super 8mm Filmmaking by Michael Nyberg

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory

Bono Film and Video Services

Austin Cinemaker Coop Forum

CINEPOST - Film Transfer, Telecine, Video Editing and Audio Services

DVD Infinity (offering Super 8 to DVD frame by frame transfers)

Todd Video (super 8 to DVD or video transfer)

Super 8 Equipment

Need a camera? Find a camera

Photo Services Main Page

Bulb Direct - Bulbs and Batteries - Catalog Search

Super-8 Filmmaking: About the Gear

Super8 Sound

cine index-8mm,super 8 mm,16mm equipment for sale, links to and about

Super-8 Filmmaking: Supplies & Services

KODAK LIMITED: Kodak Introduces Super 8 MM Movie Film

Super-8 Filmmaking: Internet Resources

projection lamp - equipment guide

Main Camera Page

Film Page

Do it yourself optical printer

Digital Filmmaking

The Imaging Resource Guide to the Digital Darkroom

Film in the Digital Age

Digital Cameras - Nikon CoolPix 990 Digital Camera Review

DVD Infinity 

Rick's Digital Hotline

Technet Deals

Adobe Premiere 5.1


Scott McCloud

Ben Katchor: Julius Knipl: Real Estate Photographer, etc.

Big Top

PvPonline.com - The Daily Online Comic

Sluggy Freelance © 2000 Peter Abrams


Red Meat - from the secret files of Max Cannon

thecomic.com - home of Beowulf, Deus Ex Machina, and much more.

Bobbins - Tell us the name of your favourite vega-table

When I Grow Up: Daily Comic Strip of Love

•••magic inkwell comic strip theatre•••

electric sheep web comix: not dead: merely frozen

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Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements: Comix by Jason Little.

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