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The Man Who Was Thursday  (adapted from the novel by G.K Chesterton)

The newest member of London's Central Anarchist Council is Thursday, a Scotland Yard Detective, who unmasks a cosmic conspiracy that stretches far beyond the Anarchists' control.

The Man Who Was Thursday is the story of Gabriel Syme, a poet/detective, whose debate with a soapbox Anarchist lands him the title Thursday and a seat on the Central Anarchist Council . As Syme works desperately to foil an assassination, he discovers conspiracy that raises crime to the cosmic scale.  Only Syme and his fellow Days can prevent human civilization from collapse. read the script

Ilium's Thorn

When a trickster and his plague of madness threatens a small town and a Vaudeville troupe run by Zeus, a beautiful woman must choose which one to save.

Iliumís Thorn is the story of a Vaudeville troupe, a small town, and a beautiful woman caught in the crossfire. To escape a bad marriage, the woman runs away with a troupe of entertainers. She enters a strange world of long forgotten gods and goddesses, a world still led by Zeus, her father. When a wild god and his plague of madness threatens troupe and town, she must choose which one to save. read the script

The Queen's Secret Eyes

The Queenís Secret Eyes is an action adventure. Itís the story of John Dee, the man who inspired Ian Fleming to create James Bond. 

Actor, inventor, scholar, and spy,  John Dee is the first and founding member of Her Majestyís Secret Service. Queen Elizabeth the firstís, that is. Driven by a friendís murder and a boundless thirst for knowledge, Dee seeks the Saphea, a mystical measuring device. The Grand Inquisitor seeks the same prize, bent on destroying England and Creation itself. From the boards of a London stage to the decks of the Spanish Armada, Dee must choose between his quest for truth and his Queen. read the script

Box Jumper (short film)

Ellie is a box jumper, a magician's assistant in the 1920s. She tours two-bit vaudeville stages with Henry and Max, under contract to perform Horace Goldin's most famous trick: Sawing a Woman in Half. Together they stumble into their ticket to the big time: let Ellie, the assistant, be the magician. When Goldin threatens to cancel their tour, Ellie must choose between her career and the survival of the troupe. The next box she jumps may be her last. read the script



Futurama: T.G.I.S.

Hate Mondays? No sweat. In the 31st century, even the days of the week are ad space. One morning, the citizens of Earth awaken to Slurmsday, the new and improved day of the week, sponsored, naturally, by Slurm Cola. In fact, every day is Slurmsday! The only problem is, Frye and his friends want their weekend back, and theyíll stop at nothing to get it. read the script

The Outer Limits: Cicada Song 

Every 37 years, a new generation of Cicadas rises from the earth. Ten precious days separate them from death. Each Cicada must find a human mate to carry and bury their young or the cycle will be broken. Claire and Ellis, two unsuspecting souls, become unwilling parents and slaves to this ancient family. Their children, however, force the Cicada Song to change forever. read the script

Star Trek: Voyager: Ex Libris

Through Homer's Odyssey, a living book attempts to communicate with Captain Janeway. Janeway becomes Odysseus and discovers the fate of Voyager and the fate of the book are irrevocably intertwined. read the script



The Sibylline Verses

workshop selection: Indiana Theatre Works March 2000*

In the near future, Fadil hacks into the dying brain of Constance Sibylline, his ex-wife and owner of a powerful corporation. He is obsessed with uncovering proof of intelligent alien life, proof he insists Constance has been hiding for many years. Once inside her mind, however, Fadil becomes entangled in an even darker secret: Constance's plans to clone herself. read the script

*Theatre Works is an event sponsored by the  Indiana Theatre Association. Its purpose is to allow writers, actors and directors to work through selected scenes from a script over the course of a weekend.


Regional Winner/ National Finalist: 
National Society of Arts and Letters 1998 Career Award in Literature

Tiresias, the blind prophet and cornerstone of ancient myth, still walks the streets of a modern city. The birds tell him the future, but still no one heeds his warnings. Past or future: so much blood. Tiresias has decided that someone must pay. read the script


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