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Colts' Defense vs Seahawks' Offense

The Colts bent and broke against the Pats last week. Until the last play of the first half, The Patriots offense was struggling and the Colts seemed to have a clear advantage. Michael Bishop's hail mary pass to Tony Simmons changed all that.  Instantly the Patriots were back in the game and all the momentum was swinging in their favor.

The defense never fully recovered from this blunder. While they did get consistent pressure on QB Drew Bledsoe, coverage was often soft and constant blitzing seemed to have left our players a step slow on crucial downs. The most embarassing gaff was the Patriot's conversion of a fake field goal in the fourth quarter. CB Jeff Burris failed to spot the receiver lined up wide and change the defense to cover the trick play.

The Seahawks are looking for the age old "spark" from their backup rookie QB Brock Huard. Starting QB John Kitna has been benched for inconsistent play. Huard's debut last week against Carolina was lackluster, but playing in front of a home crowd could make all the difference.

Colts' defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's agressive scheme of zone blitzes could be just the ticket to confuse an inexperienced QB. Disguising coverages could result in more chances for turnovers. This is certainly an area where the team could stand to improve. The defense has only 3 interceptions and has yet to recover a fumble.

The greatest threat to the Colts is the running tandem of Ricky Watters and rookie Shaun Alexander. The defense has let two very mediocre teams run effectively the last two weeks. If the Colts allow 7-8 yards per carry on first down, the Seahawks will not have to worry about Brock Huard's performance. They will be able to control the tempo and the outcome of the game on the ground.

The solution for the Colts is simple: stop the run and force the young QB to make plays. Because the Colts have shown little signs of improvement in this area, I will have to call this matchup even.

Advantage: Toss Up

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