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The Sky's the Limit.
Road to Tampa starts in Kansas City
written by Stephen Conway

The bitter taste of last year's playoff loss to the Titans may still linger in the throats of the typical Colt fan, but fear not, a new season is dawning.  The Colts seem posied to take their place in the upper echelons of the NFL.  The team's first challenge will be to walk into Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday and emerge victorious

Easier said than done. The Chiefs gave the Colts all they could handle last year  at the RCA Dome. Now that the tables have turned, the Colts must hit the ground running, literally. 

While the so-called experts are jumping on the Colt's bandwagon after last year's stellar season, there are too many unknown factors to claim that the era of the Colts' dynasty is upon us. Yet.   However, it is safe to say that the Colts have taken steps forward in the off season by establishing some continuity by re-signing key players and adding talented defensive players through the draft.

On paper, the Colts look even better than last year. But the game is played in the mud and grass and sun of Autumn afternoons, not on paper. The Colts must prove that last year was not a fluke by continuing to improve. With  the leadership and work ethic of QB Peyton Manning, the team shows every sign of following last year's triumphs with even more impressive performances this year.

Breakdowns of the key matchups on offense, defense, and special teams.

Game Prediction
The Chiefs stingy defense is coupled with a balanced, no-nonsense offensive attack that seems to yield great results year after year. Even as polished and disciplined as these teams are, I expect there will be a feeling out period as the starters get accustomed to the rigors of playing all out for four quarters. If the Colts defense can keep the Chiefs and the deafening Arrowhead crowd out of the game early, I think the Colts wil have a great chance of winning. I fully expect a dog-fight, war-in-the-trenches type game. Not necessarily flashy, but still fun for any real fan of the game to watch.

Score: Colts  17 Chiefs 14

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Kansas City

when: 12:00
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