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Home sweet Dome: Colts vs Broncos

This marks the third year of the Horseshoe. Like the defense, the 'shoe has a new look and a new attitude. The changes can be summed up in two words: football haiku. The two were made for each other. Both use speed, grace, and force. Both capture moments from the ridiculous to the sublime. Most importantly, both are just plain fun. So, this year, instead of lengthy analysis, each week you will find 5-10 haiku, each dealing with some aspect of the upcoming game. Silly? Well, yes. Guilty as charged. But hopefully the new Horseshoe will give fans a different perspective on the game.

I welcome your submissions. They are loads of fun to write. I am using the 5-7-5 form, meaning the haiku should consist of three lines, the first line being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables, and the third five syllables. Submit haiku here

In addition to the haiku, every week, I'll pick winners for the full slate of NFL games. I finished last season picking 72% of the winners. Not too shabby! Jim Conway, my father, is returning this year to try and put me back in my place. See our predictions




Chukie Nwokorie
You outran malaria.
Vinnie had no chance.

Chuckie Nwokorie
fumble, rumble, stumble, score!
Oxygen mask, please.

Point, wave, point again.
Manning's twitchy hand magic.
No huddle; no mercy.

He runs like water.
A river carves its own course.
Welcome to the Edge.

Dome fans, listen up.
Our noise can silence Denver.
We are the twelfth man!

Equestrian teams.
When colts get old and crazy,
they become broncos.

Broncos fumble twice.
Who can blame them? Hard to hold
balls that are Griese.

Oh, Terrell Davis,
it doesn't stand for touchdown.
You are The Doughnut.

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