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Fourth and Short

Very short. Welcome to the Horseshoe, the home for Colts haiku. Football is a game of simple grace and power, grit and glory unleashed in small explosions. It's poetry in motion. Fast forward, that is. The 'Shoe doesn't need pages of stat-crunching analysis to find the essence of the game. 

17 weeks. 17 syllables. That's all we need.  Beat that, ESPN.

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Each year the 'Shoe also predicts winners for the full slate of NFL games. Jim Conway put the 'Shoe in its place last season. This year, The Horseshoe came back in week 17 for a miraculous victory by a single correct pick! 

The final score:   ***Horseshoe 155/256***  Jim Conway 154/256  See the predictions

Colts Haiku: Season Wrap-up

Week 1

Cast off Buccaneer
finds treasure map to Indy.
Cap'n Dungy. Arr!

Week 2

Qadry in the clear.
Two missiles for The Missile.
Call me Ismael, chump.

Week 3

Two dreadlocked runners.
Golden teeth or wedding dress?
No doubt, Colts have Edge.

Week 4

Johnny Unitas
Crew-cutted Colt quarterback
Greatest of all time.

Week 5

New scheme on defense
Cover 2, not cover who?
Learn to stop the run.

Week 6

Sad little tigers,
The game is played with pigskin,
not a ball of string.

Week 7

They know it's coming.
Manning pass to Harrison.
They still can't stop it.

Week 8

Monday night marquee.
Like the duck billed platypus,
these Colts can lay eggs.

Week 9

National spotlight
Punch drunk ponies phone it in
Season on the ropes?

Week 10

Gimping and limping,
New Colt bolts from the stable.
He'll Mungro on you.

Week 11

Marvelous Marvin,
You're Philly's favorite son.
Donovan McWho?

Week 12

Read your Hemmingway.
Ask not for whom the post tolls,
It tolls for Vandy.

Week 13

Elway had "The Drive"
Manning made his own magic.
Rocky mountain high.

Week 14

Here they come. Stampede!
Swivel-headed quarterback
Colt-cocked all day long.

Week 15

The ball, the first down,
the lead, the game, the playoffs
slip through Colts hands.

Week 16

No leaps, no Sharpies.
He simply returns the ball.
Marvin's home. End zone.

Week 17

Playoffs in our grasp,
Golden opportunity,
Giant fiasco.

Playoff Edition

Colts are true wild card.
Week to week, which team shows up?
The chumps or the champs?

The Last Word

Slow motion train wreck.
True Colt fans can't look away.
Like moths to the flame.



I welcome your submissions. They are loads of fun to write. I am using the 5-7-5 form, meaning the haiku should consist of three lines, the first line being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables, and the third five.  Submit haiku here

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