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Finishing Strong
Can the Colts continue their streak against the Pats?
written by Rodney Bray

When Drew Bledsoe and his Patriot team mates walk into the RCA dome this Sunday, they will do so with their backs firmly against the wall. Undoubtedly, this once proud AFC East powerhouse will be prepared to play. But do they have the horses to win? In any comparison that one can make, whether it be statistically or by previous opponents, the answer is.....maybe.

To win, the Patriots must execute mistake-free football, hope for some breaks and the Colts will have to play below their capabilities. While this is possible, the smart money is on the Colts playing strong at home with the conviction to "finish" what they have labored to achieve over the past 13

While Drew Bledsoe can pick apart defenses, he will have to work hard to out-match a Colt offense that has overpowered opponents with big plays to the tune of 28.7 points per game. The Colts must force the Patriots to play
long ball and they'll have to keep the offense scoring high to control the tempo of the game. Using an increasingly effective ground game combined with perhaps the most potent overall passing attack in the NFL (261.6 yards per game), the Colts should score consistently. And with an improved defense, the Colts will be looking to get to the quarterback, forcing the Patriots to try to catch up against decreasing odds.

There's more
Rodney breaks down the key matchups on offense, defense, and special teams.

Game Prediction
Unfortunately for the visitors, this is one game that will get out of hand quickly, turning a promising season rotten for the Pats while simultaneously becoming a shining highlight for the play-off bound Colts.

Colts 37, Patriots 20

Next Opponent
New England
12/12/ 99

when: 1:00 EST
where: RCA Dome

sold out!

Game Prediction

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